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I am Gauranshi Sharma from Jaipur and i study in 6 grade. i am here to show you around the jaipur city with me also to show you the day to day lifestyle of indian family, food, culture & much more.

I am so excited to show you my first video of one of the first and super beautiful monument of Jaipur.

Its called "Statue Circle" Situated in the middle of a busy intersecting road of the pink city, Statue Circle is reminiscent of the rich history of Jaipur. It was built as a tribute to Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of the city. Statue Circle perhaps got its name from the statue that it comprises of and also the spot at which statue is located. It attracts a large number of foreign tourists as well as the locals. The tourists come to see this place for its historic significance and to get a glimpse of the statue of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

I am sure you will feel hungry after a while at this beautiful place. So if you're hungry then you can enjoy outstanding meals and view at "Tapri Cafe" which is opposite central park gate no. 4.

or you can also go to "Aunty's Cafe" which is near to park prime and has some great street food.

So if you want to visit Jaipur with me and like to know more about some hidden place to eat then you can contact me on given details on my website

Majestic Hawa Mahal (The Wind Palace)

This time i went to see the majestic Hawa Mahal. I explored the major sights of Hawa Mahal. I also found a spectacular place for mouthwatering lunch which overlooked the Hawa Mahal. Tattoo Cafe & WindView Cafe.

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Recently i got the opportunity to visit amazing "amber Fort" of jaipur which is listed as unesco world heritage site.

lemme share some information about amber fort. but before that have a look into my video

Amer Fort, located on the top of the Aravalli hill, about 11 km. from Jaipur, is one of the important and most important forts in Rajasthan. This fort is famous for its unique architecture and magnificent structure. It is also one of the major tourist destinations of Rajasthan. Given its attractive design and grandeur, this fort has been included in the list of world heritage. Amber Fort, one of the major attractions of Rajasthan, was built by Raja Man Singh. This unique fort made of Hindu-Rajputana architecture is a unique example of rich history and grand architecture. Let's know about the history of this huge fort of Rajasthan and the interesting facts related to it.

Fun Things to Do at Home during Lockdown...

When Life gives you "LEMONS" make lemonade out of it.

Nowadays, the message is very clear: #STAYHOME!

Many countries are in Coronavirus Lockdown and we must stay home, as that is the only “vaccination” we have so far. So, what to do to fight boredom at home during this quarantine time?

Here you go, My own list of Productive & Fun Things to Do at Home during Coronavirus Lockdown!

You can perform these activities while you are in lockdown due to coronavirus..

  1. Learn new language :

We always wish to learn and understand the foreign languages & learning new language is always a fun for everyone and now we have plenty amount of time which we can utilize to learn new language. There are many online platforms like Apps, Groups, Youtube Videos and blogs which you can use to learn. I personally recommend duolingo .

so tighten your belt and go for it..

2. Watch your favourite movie :

You can enjoy your fav. movie with your family. I really enjoying it with my family. These are the list of movies i have watched so far..

Mother India, Waqt (Old one), spider man, mr. bean's holiday.

3. Try cooking some international dishes :

Try making varied dishes at home. Bring innovation in your techniques of cooking by learning new dishes online. I use youtube to learn some new dishes and try to cook it with my father (Nitin Sharma) he is amazing cook and passionate for it.

We recently made : Indian style pasta, fried yoghurt, crispy french fries and some smoothies..

4. Try to do makeover of your house interior :

This is one of the best way to get a rid of your boredom as changing the look and feel of your room's interior can not only help you to utilise your time also you will be fresh and full with new energy.

in this video you can see i am helping my parents to clean the house with the help of my younger brother Kartikeya (Toy). Hope you will like it.

5. Meditate :

Meditation is one of the best way to relax and calm your mind and no doubt we all really need to meditate at least 15 mins daily. I have made my daily day planning with the help of my father and first thing i do in morning after freshen up is "MEDITATION".

Do try it with your family..

6. Exercise :

Whether you strive for a healthier mind or body, being healthy will allow you to feel better, look better, and do better. Of course, EXERCISE. It’s an awesome mood booster, stress reliever, and ideal body maker. Use different apps to help you make progress in the right direction.

If you are a beginner, you can try Heathifyme

Join with this code " F91TZFJVM " and a earn a 7-day Free Trial of it.

This is wonderful app which will not only suggest you best work out plans also you can track your calorie goals.. My father is a big fan of this app and use it all the time to check how much calories he is having in a day according to his fitness goals..

7. Make a post lockdown list :

While many of us are struggling and wanted to go out on the streets after lockdown but to be honest it's not safe to go out like before till vaccination is not there in market. But if it's really important then make a list of the priority work to perform like Fixing car, house hold things, Aircon, Juicer-Mixer, Mobile or Enjoying a cup of your favourite coffee.

8. Last but not least :

Find someone in need....

Maybe you have everything to survive in this lockdown but not everyone is as lucky as you. Find someone in need and help him/her. Keep on Doing Good Karmas.

Together we will win this battle of coronavirus... #Stayhome, #BePositive & Please please maintain #socialdistance

How i made compost from kitchen waste ?

We all have been reading a lot about so many news of keeping our city clean and green. Indians living in cities generates about 700 grams of solid waste per person per day which is about 250 kg in a year. And many of us don't know what happens to this waste once we throw or handover to the people who collect trash from our house. More than half of what we carelessly throw into the trash is very valuable waste. Very few of us know about the secret of making the Black Gold (Compost) out of this waste. Which can produce rich top soil for our plants. Sadly most of us do not segregate our daily waste which is dry waste and wet waste specially from our kitchen. The precious wet waste — what can potentially become black gold — remains unusable junk inside our landfills. During this lockdown period due to #covid19 , I thought an idea to use this time and make the compost from kitchen waste. So me (Gauranshi Sharma) and my brother (Kartikeya) thought to collect the kitchen waste from neighbours and use the vacate land in-front of our house to make the compost pit. We started teaching our neighbours on how to segregate the kitchen waste so that we can collect it from them to make compost. I am sure that my neighbours and other people across the globe will start using their kitchen waste to make this golden soil.

This video is the glimpse of our efforts to make environment clean, use the kitchen waste and make the compost by yourself at home.


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